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Soteria Self Defense is here to help you with all your personal safety needs. 

Specializing in both armed and hand to hand self defense we want to help you be prepared for the ever changing world. 

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  • “What you practice you get good at.”

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Mooresville, NC


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I trained with and observed from a distance Ronnie’s training style. I’ve personally sparred and witnessed her safe and secure influence with timid people interested in learning self defense and/ or firearm safety. I highly recommend and urge you to get to know Ronnie and allow her to show you what she is all about.

Robert Bachand

I have been a police officer for over 21 years. I recently had the chance to go shooting with Ronnie. She truly cares about helping others become more comfortable and proficient with firearms. I have shot with numerous women over the years and Ronnie is by far the most talented female shooter I've ever known! Her skills are incredible and I would trust her shooting skills with my life!

Cindy Smith

There is no one I would rather have had teach me about firearm usage and safety. Additionally there is no one I'd rather have teach my family members. Veronica did an incredible job with both me and my wife and when it comes time to have my children learn how to do it I will definitely enlist Veronica's help! She is calm, very detailed, safety conscious, and adjusts her style for different types of people and explains everything you need explained and at the end you realize how far you've come in just a short amount of time. I take firearm usage and safety very seriously and I felt extremely confident and competent after working with Veronica. She gets my absolute highest recommendation. If you, and/or your loved ones are looking for help with firearms, Soteria Self Defense through Veronica Douglas is the only way to go!

Veronica Douglas is one of the most highly knowledgeable and certifiable self defense instructors around. Excellent mastery and control with firearms and so welcoming to anyone wanting to learn a valuable skill. She is calm and patient and an excellent instructor at making you feel comfortable.

Samantha Seff

Came to Ronnie terrified of even holding a gun. Wanted to be able to defend my family if I needed to. Can’t even express how patient and reassuring she is. Because of Ronnie I am able to safely operate a firearm. I feel confident in my ability to defend myself and my family. Highly recommend spending time with Ronnie. SHE IS A DEAL CHANGER!

Diane DiNicola

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