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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a gun to take a lesson?

NO! You actually don't need anything at all. Well except an good attitude and a willingness to learn. I will provide the rest.

What If I already bought a gun?

BRING IT. Bring it and we will talk about the pros and cons of your purchase.

Can you help me pick a gun?

YES! Just like buying a car you should test drive a gun. They aren't all the same and picking something you are comfortable with will help you want to train.

What about self defense? Do I have to be in shape?

Obviously physical fitness plays a part in your ability to defend yourself but there is ALWAYS something you can do to be safer.

What about home Defense?

Let me help you turn your home into a castle without the pesky moats and drawbridges.

But I'm scared.

It is my PROMISE that you will be significantly less scared by the end of a lesson.

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